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MyDegree; The new E-learning portal that gives university certified degrees online

After the surge of the global pandemic, most industries have gotten dependent on the online version of functioning and as is the case with the field of education. Online education is not just a temporary option now, but it is a necessity after the catastrophe that restricted human contact because of the Covid-19. The solution of attaining proper online education is the new Ed-tech portal called ‘MyDegree’ that provides the students with the luxury of acquiring certified degrees and diplomas in various programs with the accreditations of the highest universities of India and abroad, all of it while sitting at home.

Since the E-learning portal has seen the highest rise in users from 2020 till now, these portals being a blessing during the pandemic, there is no reason why online education should be put on a halt even after the pandemic gets over.

Affinity Education, the trusted education consultancy in India, launched this online learning platform. MyDegree aims to provide bachelor’s and master’s degrees for a range of courses such as Management, PGDM, and PG Diploma courses, including all the major programs in the field of science, commerce, and arts.

MyDegree also offers value-added courses to uplift the profile of the students and prepares them on an international level such as courses of languages, personality development, overall grooming, and internships concerning the respective field of the students, which can significantly impact the students as no other academic platform provides personality grooming courses.

Other benefits that this online learning platform provides include a 5-day visit to the university campus on the completion of a batch of a particular course filled with seminars and workshops and above all, the students will get a chance to be a part of the real convocation of the university batch on the campus. “All that a student can achieve while sitting at home was unimaginable before the existence of MyDegree” said Nikita Negi, the first registered user of the website.

The importance of online education portals can be estimated by the fact that India’s education market is set to grow to USD 1.96 Billion and around 9.6 billion users by 2021 from 247 million currently whereas there were only 1.6 million users in 2016.Currently, the country has more than 560 million internet users which are only set to increase with time.