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Top UGC Approved Online Degree Courses in India

TIf we go by CBSE data, almost 13 lakh students passed the class XII board exams in 2021. Thus, there will be a huge population that will understandably be confused about their higher studies. Online education doesn’t just get rid of this confusion but also gives students a chance to learn from the best (UGC approved) in the comfort of their homes.

Thus, here, we cover the most sought-after online courses that offer top-quality curriculum and great future opportunities. All the courses mentioned below are accredited by the UGC, Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), World Education Services, and the WASC Senior College and University Commission of the US.

UGC Approved Bachelors Courses

A strong basic foundation is paramount in ensuring a secure future for students. However, students are often confused about the field they seek to enter. Therefore, here are some top UGC approved online Bachelor’s courses.

UGC Approved Masters Courses

There are several UGC approved online Masters’s courses as well so that students are able to continue their studies. This ensures that they don’t find any roadblocks in their education.

UGC Approved PG Diploma Courses

These UGC approved online PG Diploma courses have been provided, keeping in mind the aims of Skill India i.e. reskilling and upskilling.

This, however, isn’t an exhaustive list; rather a collation of UGC approved courses that are most commonly considered to be the top ones in terms of academics and career prospects.